Thursday, December 16, 2004

A New Dawn, A New Day

You know you have arrived at a firm that takes a rather unorthodox approach when you are advised to install and sign into MSN Messenger. This becomes more understandable when you consider the globe as merely a Big Blue Ball. For me this was not an easy task, afterall I had a secret identity to protect. Also there is also the difficult of having a virgin installation of the IM client, which looks like.

Then of course, I have to spend twenty minutes fooling around and reconfiguring MSN Plus. Without the sponsor program of course. Then MSN 6.2 becomes much more bearable.

(These are the actual 'live' images from work, rather than recreations I had stored previously.) Now, just what is the appeal of bespoke applications?. From a support point of view, I was rubbing my hands at the thought of supporting one product and a finite set of issues. Somewhat shortsighted but never the less, not too far from the truth. Maybe open source is not quite, open sesame!

Please note for future reference, when I am signed into MSN as 'Andrew' it is a clear indication that I am at work, so therefore refrain from communicating unless your request is urgent. Normal service resumes when of course, the man behind the mask, returns.

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