Sunday, March 06, 2005

Less Swings More Roundabouts

It has been a while since I posted, finding the process of juggling two blogs extremely difficult. Particularly as my personal blog is the full on, unrestricted experience, therefore taking up much more of my time. Another reason, or rather excuse is the fact that little has been happening at work to warrant a posting. Although, let me give you a quick roundup.

Not only have there been changes in the office location. Personnel are also moving on and that is not a reference to the Human Resources department. It is a sad moment, when an employee decides for whatever reason to leave their job for another. While you always have to respect their decision, the sense of loss is evident from the first day, they are no longer on hand for support. As human beings, I think we tend t to rely on the experience, wisdom and even judgment of our colleagues. Although I am learning a vast amount about the software everyday, the knowledge that there was always a cheerful figure to turn to when the going got tough, was reassuring. Particularly when you have an angry, frustrated representative on the phone. However, we learn to cope without them and move on. With one departure, brings forth the arrival of another, although even I am beginning to believe in the curse of the Help Desk. In terms of the move, my office space, has only been beamed up a single storey, with a new larger desk, 15" TFT screen, new keyboard, and a workspace, in the form of a free desk next to me. Now all I need to do, is convince the IT department to sign me off a new desktop PC. Will keep you posted on these changes, as for it is not until the final week of March that move is finally completed.

Returning the focus back to work. Yes, I do actually carry out some task while in the office. The situation I find myself in now, is difficult to explain. If I was a firefighter, my job would entail constantly putting out small scale fires, while the towering inferno burns in the background. At times, I feel I know less than that people I'm speaking to, which is frustrating. Adding to the difficulty of leavers, as noted above, it is not a simple of case of transferring the call to another member of the support team. On Thursday 17th March, I will not only be the longest serving member of the desk but with that label, the most experienced. Just do not ask me how, I find myself in this double edged sword scenario. While it is great to be at the focal point of such great responsibility, it may be a case of too much too soon. Time is what I need. Time to learn and understand. While this working on a helpdesk, is in itself a learning experience, sometimes I feel tied down to the red tape. Can you name another industry, which is as bureaucratic? Where you create the work for yourself, by physically logging the call on the computer and watching as your open calls, jump from a measly twenty, forty, then seventy, then over one hundred. There is no problem following standard procedure, but at times, there is no documentation, so you are discovering the rules as you go along. Is bureaucracy such a bad thing? Sure, systems need to be in place and the details need to be recorded. Yet, in my current circumstances, with an totally unmanageable call queue, I afford logging yet another call unless it is completely necessary, or I know it can easily be passed onto a colleague. When I try to go through systematically and try and close closes (should that be proactive in resolve the problems) I find the following dilemma occurs. I will close a handful, maybe five old calls on a good days, only to find myself logging at least double that number into my queue. In which Western civilization is that progress?

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