Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sounds Like A Maverick

Reserve judgment? Do we truly ever do that as human beings? No, I think not. I think we hide behind the pleasantness of social interaction, not wanting to offend. If we were more honest with each other life would be a much better place. Yet, this blog is not the place such things of great importance to the fabric of our society. No, this is just a simple trip into the professional (for the lack of a better word) world of my work.

Driving home this evening, I was pondering the comments made by the Development Manager. Could it ever be possible to create perfect software? Software that maintained itself, that was 100% idiot proof, safe from corruptions to the operating system or the installation of other software? If this ever came about, my position as a support person would be extinct. Defending myself, and the support function I argued that developers were not doing a good enough job, for the software still had around 150 outstanding calls, there was plenty of work to be done. The thought stemmed on toward a life beyond support (some would argue after). What do I want to do with my life? How did I find myself in IT? These are just some of the questions I have been asked this week. The honest answer to them all is I do not know. While most will know me as ultra control freak, when it comes to the unseen future, I have no idea of what I want to do and where I want life to take me. Suppose, I have been following this almost purposeless path since I left school. Is it such a bad thing? Some would argue, that without a goal, man has no need to breathe the air of this planet. You just need to appreciate than while some of us know from a very young age, what their mission in life is, for the rest of us, spent our entire lives trying to find our own.

A client contact made a surprising comment or rather judgment, before actually meeting me (which she did do several months later). It was the first time I had heard such a phrase, "Andrew is either really arrogant or extremely shy..." As she left to return to her office, she made up her mind, that I belonged firmly in the camp of the reserved individual. Never want to give the impression to anyone, particularly just over the phone that I'm a bit of a maverick.

My manager was trying his best to motivate the team, and was quick to remind us all that there is no 'I' in the word. Sure enough, cheeky alec over here had to say, but there is 'me'. Having said that, I feel a sense of relief, a small burden lifted off my shoulders, with a second line analyst starting this week. While the majority of the time I was able to deal with the support calls, occasionally I was stretched. New blood brings with it new energy and the desire to continue to build on the achievements of the past. So, after a four month wait, the support desk, is back to the number to the level of man power, it should be. The numbers game continues for a few more weeks, but my focus now moves to providing the high quality service. I know that I am capable of delivery.

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