Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Final Destination

Took me nearly twenty five years but yesterday I completed my tour of all capital cities in the British Isles. Many people will not see this as a major accomplishment, even a milestone worthy of discussion. I beg to differ. To truly be a citizen of the United Kingdom, should you not visit each location which considers itself to be a worthy member of what we call the unique makeup of our beloved country. I was even going to be clever and state that I have been to two cities in each country, but in the case of Ireland I have been to Belfast and Dublin but of course they are in across a border but technically the same land mass. I would have preferred to have spent more time in Scotland, but it was very much a whistle stop tour. Just like it was some ten years ago, when I drove up with my Dad to Glasgow. The scenery was amazing on our drive down to the client site and I had my Sony CyberShotU at hand to capture a few moments. I hope to be back again soon, to enjoy the breathtaking, tranquil countryside views away from the urban landscape I'm used to!


On my return to the office on Wednesday morning, I was handed my business cards by our wonderful (and always smiling) PA. Result! With six days to go until my seventh month with the company, I had finally landed. I had arrived. There is more, my manager handed me a mobile phone. Sure, it is only a Nokia 6100 but it was moving up from 1st Line helpdesk support. While of course I did ask our Financial Controller for an upgrade to the Nokia 6030, which is the standard device for the majority of users within our division. My request was declined. Then for my manager to also underline this rejection by informing the Finance department that Andrew is not to be upgraded under circumstances without prior permission from himself, in writing and including his signature on any request. Great. I felt more content, when I discovered that the development team have all been issued with 3100 and would have no option to upgrade unless you were high up the food chain, whereby you could request at your leisure, a Motorola V3 RAZR. Suppose it helps to be holding a position of some authority, you can usually get what you want. Or at least have the rules bent in your favour.

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