Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Will Dispense This Advice Now

It is much harder to post an entry about work and technology. I thought, over time it would become easier as I would be able to reflect on the daily musings on the helpdesk and life generally in the field of computers, mp3s and gadgets. However I find myself struggling to find topics to cover and then at times feel forced to put something up, just to keep my sister site looking current and fresh. So today I decided to opt for a safe point of discussion. Advice.

In my twenty odd years I have already been offered a bucket load of advice from a number of people. Some related to personal issues, some related to work, sport, university, the future, even finance. Of all the discussions, perhaps there is only one phrase, on anecdote that remains with me so vividly to this day. Rather than repeat the English, the equivalent in Latin is 'Non Illegitimi Carborundum'. I will let Google do the rest, although a special clue is that it is also the title of a song by Kris Kristofferson whom you might remember from a recent vampire trilogy.

Perhaps the person you would least likely take advise from, is David Brent, star of BBC documentary The Office which focused on the employees of Wernham Hogg. Along with Stephen Merchant, he did some in-house videos for Microsoft, which have found themselves onto Google Video. They are absolutely hilarious, particularly the second clip when he offers advice on getting a new job and what methods you should use. I was a massive fan of the comedy series on BBC2 and have all episodes (including the Christmas Special) on DVD. It was just genius and as I had started working in an office for the first time, as the second series aired, it was truly refreshing to watch.

Respect goes hand in hand with advice. You only take advice from those that you respect. Yet in this modern, connected world, we can get advice from a number of sources and even personalised advice on message boards and forums related to our specific career or industry. It appears that anyone and everyone is willing to offer you their twenty pence. Just a case of if you are willing to be patient and take it all on board. I am just waiting for the advice that will finally motivate me to act.

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