Sunday, August 20, 2006

Contradiction In Terms

Last year, we started our own work Super League via the Telegraph website. This was my first foray into the world of fantasy football competitions and it showed. It was predominately for our division, although we did have a few takers from the sister company come on board. There is an option to create a computer generated 'auto-select' team which is what I chose. The reasons behind this fatal mistake was lack of time to the deadline and laziness in reviewing changes to ensure they meet the budgetry limit of £50 million sterling. My team on paper looked quite good but they did not total me enough points over the course of the season, even when I made drastic changes towards the 'business end' of the campaign. By April, I was so far from the rest of the pack I gave up and even forgot my pin code and never accessed the website during office hours. My motivation had completely gone. My final standing? Second from bottom, above someone who was purely taking part to be part of game and not taking a slight interest in the leaderboard. Over 500 points away from the eventual winner. So even with another league (on my own), it would have taken be a miracle to catch up.

All across this, my professional site you will find a phrase, my mantra if you will. Just a shame it is a complete contradiction to my performance in this fun but nevertheless highly charged duel with my colleagues. The nail in the coffin was that two boys whose total age just about reaches mine beat me (and it has to be added many other colleagues) further up the league. This year around, word has got around the office and we have 21 players. Bring it on.

This time around I opted to pick my own team with a good mixture of Chelsea and Liverpool players. Although I have opted not to disclosure my team publicly as it will give my adversaries an unfair advantage. I prefer to play my cards close to my chest, this year. The big kick off is tomorrow although I was tempted to tink further before the deadline of Saturday morning I have decided against it. Stick with your first answer was a common phrase at school, it still applies today. The managing director's team is called 'Bring Me The Winner'. Never has a name been so true. Just a shame I have gone from 2005/6 season, "Andy's Dream Team" to the masterful "Tegala's Terriers", which was actually recommended by a colleague as "Tegala's Tigers" but in the time I drove home and added my team online later that evening the wavelength we had been on, was slightly lost. As if there was not already a blog for everything, there is even a blog for the Telegraph Fantasy Football, imagintive title lads but keep up the great work.

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