Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Bad Samaritan

You have to be sympathetic. It comes with the territory, the job, the whole notion of being the voice on the end of a helpline. However there is a clearly marked boundary, which many of our customers have been ignoring. We are a technical helpdesk and we try and resolve problems with our software. No where in my job description does it state that I must offer a shoulder to cry on for the distressed individual whom has just had to say goodbye to a life long family pet. I appreciate it can be frustrating trying to get the software to work, particularly when you are new and completely unfamiliar with the system. Yet in the grand scheme of things, if I was in their shoes, the laptop would be out of the window. There are times when there are more important things than monthly territory plans and closing your weeks down. (I suppose that does not sound very heartening coming from me!)

I suppose what I am trying to say that at times my job borders into the relms of the Samaritians, rather than the clearly defined pitfuls of a bespoke CRM solution, VPNs, and SQL replication time outs. I found it difficult to be a sensitive human being at the best of times, so find myself completely lost for words, hanging on and trying to bring the subject back to their laptop computer. I mean what can you say? Apart from apologise and pass on your condolensces, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The person on the end of the phone still wants to have their issue resolved with the wave of the non existant magic wand.

Is this some joke? Some sick joke? Let us see how we can wind up the boys on the desk today? At times it feels it is a setup and you wait for someone to jump out of the cupboard and shout, "Got YOU!". Unfortunately that never happens. These calls are for real. The people on the end of the line exist. I suppose I have covered various aspects of my job but not put the spotlight on the most important part of the jigsaw. The people. The people I speak to everyday. There are some characters out there, just like in any walk of life. Perhaps food for thought for another less emotionally charged posting. So I leave you with the fine words of wisdom from one of our regulars.

Looks like your ‘Tweaking’ upset the Applecart?

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