Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back To The Day Job

I made a somewhat muted return to the helpdesk this morning. With Chris' departure last week, a colleague on holiday and a new system rollout, there was a shortage of numbers, so I offered to help out. It was strange being back on the phones, it was not as busy as I had been used to, plus was safe in the knowledge that an 8am start meant a 4.30pm finish.

My knowledge was limited on the new systems but I was quite happy to action, if not close all six calls I took in the morning. Would I be making a bold statement if I said I enjoyed it? I think because it was a change from my daily routine, I was back in a comfortable sofa chair and happy to do as I was told.

One of the tasks I used to hate, was having to contact all members of a team. Our manager would say, "Please contact everyone from the X team and ask them to do A,B and C!". While there were only about fifteen representatives to contact, it was not the ideal time of day, about 2pm. Most would be on their way home or already heading to the hotel, so my message would be meaningless. I raced through the list and contacted everyone, most I had to leave voicemails for. Those I did get hold of, were more than happy to comply with my request. The rest got back in touch over the course of the afternoon.

So much for a easy ride on my one day back. Apart from the mini crisis, there was not much I could not handle. However, I will be glad to be return to my normal job tomorrow.

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