Saturday, November 10, 2007

Comic Book Heroes

Dilbert plays an important aspect of life at work. My manager would collect the comic on the back of Computing Magazine (and Computer Weekly) and occasionally find strips which related to all members of the one and only dream help desk support team. I need to dig them out and put them online for the world to see!

I was sent an e-mail to describe the 2nd Line Support guy, who left several months ago. He had created a dual monitor setup, thanks to a quad card and reusing an old support desktop machine (purely as a gateway to use remote desktop). We thought the following strip represented him perfectly, so I dropped him an e-mail. Particularly as he had done this all without the prior knowledge of our manager.

In return a few days later, my ex-colleague sent me an e-mail. However, instead of using the Dilbert mail facility, like I did, he sent me an e-mail directly to my work address. You might not know but I hate receiving personal e-mail on my work account. Particularly as I am sitting on MSN and can see any e-mails sent to Hotmail flash up, instantly! But before I head off into a rant, I will save that for a future post.

Yes, I agree that Dilbert describes my relationship with the internet very well. I would not say I am addicted, I just need to be online every single day. There have only been a handful of days this year when I have been unable to go online (when broadband was actually up and running). Twenty one days up to 6th June as I migrated from Orange to Sky (without the use of a MAC code!). I find it hard to recall the last time I went several days continuously without internet access. I struggle to even recall a day when I have not been online on my home computer.

For sentimental reasons, I kept hold of the magazines, now with the dream team, nothing more than a distant memory I thought it the ideal time to bring you all in on the joke. I scanned the strips in and have uploaded them over onto my FlickR account. However, there is a catch. Out of the three strips only two relate to members of the help desk. The wild card, relates to a individual featured in a post on this blog towards the latter half of last year. In fact, each strip itself relates to an entry on this blog. Shall I leave you to guess which each of them describes? In chronological order based on publication date.

Dilbert - 19th December 2006

Dilbert 16th January 2007

Dilbert - 1st March 2007

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