Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Commit or Die Trying

The title for this post sounds like the title of some gangsta rap, hip hop album. It is in fact the observation a member of the developement team made to me today. I was explaining my fear of running DTS (Data Transformation Services) particularly on live servers. (Maybe fear is not the right word, maybe relunctance would be more appropriate) He gave the typical gun ho response. If all else fails, wrap that code in a transact statement and rollback! "Andrew", he started, "you got to commit or die...commit or die trying...". I wanted to laugh but he was dead serious.

In a way I am glad I am quite far removed from the crazy world of development. Over in the commericial arm of the business there are just a few things that matter. Client meetings, chasing po numbers and raising invoices. Oh, we do fit in a little bit of work in between all of that but generally if you can organise the above three or at least two you are on the right track. I am glad I do not have any sales targets but then again I'm not a salesman (or person) so why should I? Does mean I miss out on the sales incentive scheme though!

It always has been a battle between the commericial pressures and the technical reality of what can be delivered. I do not think that is anything new for my workplace, I think it is the same story for organisations big and small across the globe.

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