Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Trials Of Two Blogs

My original intention with this professional blog, was to have somewhere to post my geeky work based musings. My personal blog, Human Nature would at times get bogged down in technical related postings and my mainstream audience began to turn off. This separation worked well back in 2008 and 2009 when I had both the time and inclination to update a secondary blog. Even though entries were scarce and I had very little commentary to give on my very average work place. Now in present day 2012, I find it difficult to have time to update just my personal blog on a regular basis. It is impossible to manage another.

I am making a major effort with my personal blog. I know, as I start my thirties life will be changing dramatically over the next few years and I have an overwhelming desire to record as much as I can. While work is of course important, I find there is little commentary I can add that is not already being discussed elsewhere. (I should clarify that with some excellent work related blogs but all I could find was this - Letters Of Note and even this is not exactly fully work related).

Hopefully I will make time for a few posts from time to time, there are a few I have in my head, which I really need to get down onto paper and then onto the world wide web. For now at least, goodbye to the few people that actually read this blog!

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