Monday, May 16, 2005

Manic Monday

Coming into the office, there is the realisation that yet another long working day and week lie ahead. The first thing I do is switch on my PC. Taking a few seconds to boot, I usually login and within a few minutes am catching up on e-mail, looking at my call backlog and putting on my headset. This morning was different, for I was confronted with this screen.

Never before had I seen any PC boot up, with Wingdings font to replace the standard system font, Tahoma. After a discussion with IT and my Manager, I finally got my PC working. Rebooting did not work, and attempting to switch the regional settings did not appear to work either. By going into the Control Panel and viewing the Fonts folder, legible text started to reappear. A final shut down and cold start did the job. Otherwise, I saw the patience of my colleague really being tested with me not helping out answering the phone. Online and oncall, I was back, as I should have been some fifteen minutes before. Later, I would have to get to the bottom of this problem, but that can wait until later in the week. For now, a quick spyware check with Adaware will suffice.

Mondays in their very nature are hectic. Even though I come into the office at a regular office hour, there is always an atmosphere of strong dedication around me. Fingers tapping away on keyboards and the phone being answered in a overtly heavy tone, with the caller trying to disguise the frustration in their voice. The Support mailbox had twelve unread messages waiting, yet there was also the tedious administrative tasks that involves creating various reports and charts. This morning felt as if it would last forever. Problems and major issues to resolve did not help ease the burden of the day. Thankfully, I had a special weapon to get me through the day. Firstly there were some e-mails bounced back and forth between myself and Nazma. Busy day, friends got me through. Then later in the morning, an e-mail from HP. I had been thinking of when she would find the time to reply to message, if ever. So, therefore was presently surprised to hear from her. Then, the early afternoon period after lunch, when you do tend to find yourself slacking, I catch up with another friend on MSN. Then again, perhaps I should not be admitting, some of my misdemeanors within the workplace, in such a public domain, even if I tend to disagree with some of the figures. Please give me some credit for my questionable work ethic.

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