Friday, May 27, 2005

For My Next Trick

A posting at last, and well overdue. How has work been? Each week appears to blend into the next. The working week has never passed by so quickly, and it is not as if the job is repetitive in any sense. Weekly tasks can be rather tedious but they do not bother me. Work is the one constant that consumes all my energy at the moment and I remain focused to the cause. If I keep plugging away, I may eventually get the breakthrough that I have long for. Until then, it is simply a case of binding my time and meeting each challenge with unnerved ambitious dedication.

My next test is as soon as Tuesday next week. Four days covering the help desk on my own. While this should not pose a major problem for a man of my ability, there are many things to consider. Firstly this is my first official opportunity to prove myself. In early January, I had to work two consecutive days on my own, due to the ill health of my colleagues, but that was more of a case of playing on my ignorance as a new member of staff. This time around the goalposts have moved, drastically. While measures have been put in place to help me cope during the busier periods of the day, I sense that the job will, for the first time become almost unbearable. What I fear the most is not being able to deal with all the calls I receive. The burden of expectations falls heavily upon my shoulders, as does, for once the responsibility.

I hear Ron Grainer's original theme tune to Tales of the Unexpected playing in the background as I write this. I may not know what Tuesday will bring but I will be sure to report back everything in seven days time. There is nothing more to say, apart from wish me luck. Not sure if I can seriously pull this one out of the hat! Even I have limits to my powers!

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