Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Will Survive

So, I survived the four days on my own. To be honest, I was perhaps exaggerating the task and there was only one moment when I thought I could not cope. It was Tuesday afternoon, the phones were busy, I had several jobs to get done and could feel a headache coming on. Yet this was not the moment to pass out, this was the moment to prove myself. Slowly the heavy throbbing in my head subsided and I was able to come back and focus on work. Did I prove myself? Well I still feel that this was not the greatest of obstacles to be put ahead of me. I met the challenge, yet there is much more to come.

Without wanting to reveal too much, there have been a major background change to the other division of the company. Unexpected, the news took me by surprise, for at first it went against everything I thought the company I worked for, represented. While new to the industry, I am in the dark to the big hitters, but that is not to say, I feel a rash unconsidered decision has been made. While there is no noticeable change to operations, perhaps over time the climate will change. Having witness similar events for companies my Dad worked for, I do, on this occasion hold some hope. For once, this will be a change for the better, opening up a whole new group of opportunities. I will try my best to keep you posted on events, but do to the commercially sensitive nature of proceedings, I may have to keep my insight brief and hypothetical.

What do you think of recruitment agencies? Well, I expect your opinion will be on the whole negative and I tend to agree. Several have suddenly come out of the woodwork, so to speak. One, as recent as this week. Funny how they were silent, before Christmas when I was desperately hunting high and low for job. What suddenly makes them think that I will decide to jump into bed and take any of the positions they have to offer. While I am the first to admit my job is not perfect, there is nothing, right now that can take me away. Sure, there are days when I wish I was doing something more productive, challenging, less client facing and with greater responsibility but I have to appreciate where I am on the rung of the ladder. While the top looks far far away, looking down, I see a long way to the ground. Why would I leave a job after six months and start all over again? Why destroy all the progress you have made? My mind is set. Experience is crucial and I have more to gain here, than eyeing up some dream job in the City. As uncertain the future is, I have to focus on the present and what there is to gain, to achieve here.

All my life, people have asked me, Andrew what do you want to do? What do you want to become? In the years since I have left school, the answer to that question has become more vague and ambiguous. The honest answer is I do not know. I have always been an opportunitist and tried to make the most of the position that has landed in my lap. For example, back in the dizzy heights of 2002, when I was looking for a placement, I was offered a job I did not really want and was holding on for another job, while more suitable for me, never came through. Despondent, I was, yes. Though by the time July came around, I knew I had to take this challenge on and show those doubters wrong. The stage was set and my second big break came and went. Working in London for one of the biggest law firms in the world, was a dream come true. The reality that hit home, eventually, last June. At the height of Euro 2004, I came to discover the harsh truth of working in our capital. Inflated prices, expensive travel costs and long days. Looking back, I do not know how I coped for those five months and kept on smiling. Then again, even now, I do not know how I drove 600 miles a week during my placement year. Why the opportunity never bore fruition, the experience alone was a God send. Note to self, never contract again!

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