Wednesday, August 17, 2005

While the Cat's Away...

You know how the saying goes. The moment the boss' back is turned the workers start slacking. While on a week's holiday, you would think the helpdesk team would make the most of it. The fact that other members of the hierarchy were also away, increased the opportunity for despondency. Yet, there is no fear for such things. I am focused and in control. Working hard, even with the absence of a heavy number of calls to the desk, meant we could focus on our mission, our target. By the time my first full month was over in this company, there were over 400 calls in the helpdesk call management system. (A tenth of which lay in my personal queue!) It seemed like a endless task, with a heavy influx of calls. Like being on the Titanic, with only a bucket of water to throw the water out, to stop or rather delay the inevitable.

Thankfully we had found a captain to turn this sinking ship around. For far too long the burden had fallen upon me to cut the number of calls pending. Management is a difficult role. There is a heavy expectation for results, while in the same vain, you do not wish to lose the motivation and banter of your team. What is my manager like? Probably the best manager I've ever worked for? Probably.

Unfortunately, having met our target of less than a hundred calls in the system, the goal posts have been moved. The job enters a new era, with a greater emphasis on closing calls in the required SLA. While I have nothing against such a system, I feel there will be additional pressure to make sure we reach a minimum standard, which in my case is 75 per cent. There is also going to be much more performance analysis beyond the simple numbers game, it will slowly move into a target driven exercise. The saying goes with great power comes great responsibility. I beg to differ, as I am living in the reality and not the world of a comic book hero. With great responsibility comes greater accountability. The next few months will be interesting. When is the next Bank Holiday, Trig?

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