Thursday, November 03, 2005

Top Drawer

What difference the change of season makes. November comes along and I suddenly feel the motivation to not just work, but take my role to another level. I suppose, the reality is that I am just getting on with it. Any job requires that skill at some point in time (usually from day one). Being super sufficient is one thing. Helping a frustrated user to resolve their on going communication problem is a completely different ball game. After all, at times there is little explanation we can give for their constant problems. While I prefer to not get involved in the blame culture. At times it is inevitable, but you help as much as you can. Will my eagerness continue way into this month? Time will tell. I often wonder what the motivation is for people in other jobs (particularly sales) but I never really look back to consider my own. Perhaps the satisfaction of helping others, even if somewhat superficially.

E-mail is fantastic. I tend to make great use of e-mail, particularly in my personal correspondence. Yet what I find most annoying is those who never reply. There is no real reason for doing so. Though, the moment we step into the sphere of work. Everything changes. Even the most anti-technology people you've ever care to know, become e-mail junkies, living off every sent item, every attachment and ping of Microsoft Outlook. Other interesting observations are the way in which people send tactically messages, copying in various managers and other 'powers that be' to increase impact. Some people need advice on writing sensibly others though, need to get life away from their Blackberry. Although, if I am honest, the handheld device from RIM is worthy of an entry all on it's own. My organisation has chosen not to put in place a Friday amnesty. The so called experts can say what they like, I know for some people, life would without e-mail would be just as bad, as life without air. Not sure if you suffer from this strange 21st century disease? Read up on the signs and then take the long hard road to recovery.

Strange how a year (has almost past) since I had completed my contract and was desperately searching for a job prior to Christmas. So, how have things changed over the course of the year? Perhaps something for me to ponder for my next entry. What is the true measure of how far we have come on this journey?

Andy Gray, the ex Everton forward and now Sky Sports commenter used an infamous line during his commentary of Wales versus England, a few months ago. It is perhaps the only way I would describe my personal performance over the past few days. Then again, as I have already stated, there is plenty of life left in the month.

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