Thursday, November 24, 2005

What A Difference A Year Makes

While this blog was only just beginning to find it's feet a year ago, the author was going through a transition period. At the time, I felt uncomfortable to put my full emotions on the page. There are subtle hints over on my personal blog, but little devil in the detail. Now, a year on, I can finally put together how I felt, coped and survived that period often referred to as being inbetween jobs. Being unemployed is not a great experience, quite quickly it dawns on you that you need a job and that money does not grown on trees (or from your parents). Perhaps my previous experience had put me into a false sense of security. Or was I just lucky beyond belief. Then again, not many people are offered a job after their first interview since leaving University. Perhaps my luck had run out and this time around, as a lesson I would have to hunt high and low for a job. After the initial week, my lack of progress cause for desperate measures, I started applying for jobs where I was perhaps over qualified. Well perhaps my job hunting did not steep so low that I would be sending my resume to a global fast food conglomerate. (Although can confess to applying for a job at my local Asda store, only to be rejected when I was 16!)

Thankfully, things changed. Reed did finally start working. As the second week of unemployment was coming to a close, I applied for as many suitable (and minor unsuitable) jobs on the recruitment site. Not knowing then, that this e-mail confirmation would later change my life (forever?)

Placing aside my birthday, my aim had always been to find a job before Christmas. Yes, I know rationally speaking this is the opposite to what people normally say (I'll find a new job in January is often heard in December!) My life had changed beyond recognition and I was lacking the focus to truly understand. Applications went out but I never had a reply, the agency contact was either busy, out of the office or on annual leave. This did little to help my predicament and I seriously was considering throwing the towel in but preserved. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

There are people out there that believe that everything happens for a reason and that fate ultimately foretells our destination. I tend not to agree with such philosophies, opting to remain in control. Yet, as always eventually everything pans out as you want. Whether I should put this all down to the man upstairs or the strange constellations in the sky is another matter. I often find true reflection in the lyrics of the songs I listen to.

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