Friday, December 23, 2005

Robots In Disguise

My nickname on the helpdesk is 'robot'. This was coined by manager, although he will never confess to doing so. Over the course of the year, it has just stuck. The origins of this are based not only on my uncanny ability to not take any of my annual leave allowance. (Well technically that is a lie, I took 1.5 days of the 24 available.) But more so on my religious conviction to take my lunch at 1pm sharp, and have my Ribena and cheese sandwich. Sure, it may somehow have been missed from the discussion so far, but I am a creature of deep rooted routine and habit. Nevertheless, there is a twist in our tale. In time honoured tradition, we were informed of the annual secret Santa. Sure enough, I signed up, hoping it would give me the chance to have to be imaginatively with my gift selection. To get back to the point, this is not about me. Well actually it is. Never mind. During out Christmas lunch meal on Wednesday, at a local restaurant and bar, I was handed my gift. It was a quite a large package, which deceived me to begin with. Beforehand, I had assumed we had to wait for the big day, but I was then duly given permission to unwrap the present. There was a big box of chocolates, a selection. Then I noticed another something in the bottom, it was rectangular and black. It was a book. Sure enough, someone somewhere had picked up on this nickname and turned into a joke. Funny, although one of my colleagues considers the name quite rude and nasty, I am indifferent. I personally do not care and let these kind of things go over my head.

Then again, perhaps I am part of the first wave of the invasion. If that is the case, would not Santa have been better off sending a copy with the rest of my colleagues so they know which signs to look out for. I will be reading the book, page by page, chapter by chapter and making changes to my behaviour to make sure I am not detected any further. (I also need to discover the identity of my secret Santa, which shouldn't be too difficult...) First step, stop drinking Ribena at lunchtime and take some holiday! When will the Transformers movie coming out? If I would ever consider myself a robot (in some strange parallel universe) it could only be Optimus Prime. How I miss my childhood!

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