Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sick and Tired

A new year begins, a fresh start, a new chapter, a blank canvas. So how shall 2006 begin? In need of some inspiration, I looked back at my entry from January 2005. Strange how, twelve months on, the words on the screen paint so well the picture of a young man wanting to impress in his new role. Little did I know some of the challenges that lay ahead, a few months after I wrote those words. So, how do I feel, knowing what I know now? I am glad I took the decision to hang on in there and see the light at the end of the tunnel. My original manager, whom I should be thankful for actually recruiting me, would often comment, that things will get better. While they may not have stuck around to see the change, I kept the faith. The belief that things would improve and that this job would become much more important than answering the phone. To date, this blog has focused on where I was heading, now a year on, I can change direction (if only a gentle step, rather than leap). Concentrating on the here and now will mean I get a clear picture of what potential opportunities lay ahead.

January is a month we put off to the back of our minds. Letting the festivities of Christmas drown any conscious knowledge of the work that waits for us, silently in the office on our return. No wonder, 1970s Scottish pop band, Pilot dedicated a number one hit single to the first month of the year. The return to work, as expected as been, how do I put this, uncomfortable. (Even for a model employee like myself). Although I suppose having something to fill in the space between weekends is useful. In all honesty it has not been busy these past few days, I expect the phones to melt from Monday onwards. Shame, I just roped myself into a two day client visit in Central London, is it not?

Talking of the future, did you see Newsnight last night? They have a feature for the next few days, so the title is slightly misleading. Geek Week, celebrating twenty five years since the ZX81 the reports look at the future and how technology will indeed, continue to transform our lives. The inspiration was that on the other side of the pond, people have the determination to chase a dream alone, knowing all to well the bridge between success and failure. Particularly in the IT sector when a slight error can make all the difference. Think this not Revenge Of The Nerds but the invasion of the geeks. Yes, take note, the girls are coming to a work place near you.

A special note to Carmen. No, not that Carmen, or that Carmen. But this up and coming Carmen. Please come to me to have your website designed, the current effort just does not do you or your music justice. Note to webmaster, never use DM templates for your professional work!

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