Thursday, January 11, 2007


It has become part of Christmas tradition, like the fake tree and tinsel. The annual secret Santa gift exchange. The benefit of working for a small firm means you can quite easily find out who got your mystery gift (well maybe sometimes). Somehow the thought of having such a ritual at my previous workplace just seems unthinkable with a total seven hundred employees with around fifty just in the IT department. At a medium size firm I worked for prior to my job in the capital, I was actually excluded from the secret Santa due my gender. Yes, it was females only. Which considering it was 2002, was down right sexist if you ask me! However I only briefly flirted with any thought of bringing case of sex discrimination to the tribunal.

Last year, you might recall, I received a book and over twelve months later have still to discover the name of the sender. Although I have a few ideas, I was never provided with any evidence to confirm my hunches. This year I received a true novelty item. A gem! Just a shame I will never use it as it was intended. In fact, I very much doubt I will use it at all.

Homer J. Simpson

Firstly I would never place anything like this on my dashboard. You know me, I am a minimalist. My car only carries what it needs to. I can recall when, soon after passing my test that I would spend fifteen minutes clearing out my Mum's mini with all the clutter before driving off anywhere. So, a big thank you to one of my work colleagues for getting me this but it will now just proudly sit in one of the cupboards in my room. Guarding my CD collection from my sisters' prying eyes.

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