Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Perfect Office Day

The title of this post perhaps surprises you. How on earth, could I, ever have a perfect day in the office. Well it happened today. I suppose I should start with the background. Today is referred to as Black Tuesday, the first working day back after the Christmas break and the Samaritans receive a peak number of calls and solicitors proceed with a record number of divorces. However, I was the complete opposite in terms of emotions today. Okay, I admit I was not looking forward to going into work. I expected a stream of voicemails, e-mails and other 'stuff' to action but there was nothing. Well nothing major. I was surprised. Usually after a prolonged break, the helpdesk usually has at least a few voicemails. We had e-mails but most of them were quite simple first time fixes. It was strange, surreal. Perhaps not everyone had returned and the real work would kick in on Monday 8th.

It would take some time to acclimatize back into the routine of work. However the company within the office, while somewhat sparse, did provide a great antidote after the festivities. My manager was particularly on form and kept the moral up, when at times all motivation was lost. There were many stories I could write up, but most would fit into the category of "You Had To Be There". However, let me have a go with this example. A field manager, in the office for a meeting, saw a photograph on my colleague's monitor and said out loud to the IT Team Leader, "Isn't that against company policy?" The reply, killed me, "I wouldn't know, different company". It was true, even though they were sitting together, they worked for two completely different companies. However, I only came to appreciate my day when I arrived into Marylebone station. Walking onto the main concourse, I came up against a hoard of people, just milling around. It was rush hour and they all had their eyes glued to the electronic red departure screen. In an ironic twist, I my mp3 player had randomly selected Patience from the 90s boy band, Take That. How apt! As I jumped down the escalator heading to the Bakerloo Line I had another picture ahead of me. At the bottom was yet another scrum for the escalator heading up. As I walked by, with a gleaming smile, I thought how great it was that "I don't have to do that anymore!". Then again, it has been over two years since I worked in the City. Thank God those days are behind me. Even if I miss the treat of a Chocolate Milkshake from the coffee stand every Friday evening.

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