Monday, February 05, 2007

781 Days

I had waited just over two years for this day. Perhaps in reality, considering the bigger picture, I had waited all my life. However, this perhaps is not the moment to reflect on life changing significance of my short career (so far). Instead let me try and explain what has happened. I have moved on and away. Although only a few metres away physically. What am I talking about? Have I taken some drugs? I have been promoted away from the help desk. I no longer am at the beck and call of over one thousand customers dialing a free phone number.

They say a support technician has a shelf life of between eighteen to twenty four months. This was the figure banded around at job interviews I attended in the city, some three years ago. To be honest, the job was coming to the point of making me feel demotivated. Same people, same old issues. No real challenge left. Sure, day to day could be entertaining, but I felt myself on an never ending treadmill. After one project was completed, another would come along and I was making no progress. Life was becoming very monotonous. Then, like a ray of light, an opportunity came to surface. Was I being head hunted? Were my true talents wasted on the help desk? No disrespect to my colleagues (whom I am sure will be one the few people to read this). I needed to a role which gave me change to grow and develop not only as an employee but a person. I will consider the help desk, my probation period.

So when the opportunity was discussed with me, I decided I needed time. I needed time to consider my options, weight up the pros and cons. After careful consideration I took it with open arms but perhaps somewhat closed eyes. Sure it is a leap of faith for both parties, taking me out of my comfort zone. However, ultimately it is a step in the right direction. The beauty for working for a small company soon become apparent. Plus, if I want to get back into something more meaty and technical I am sure I would be catered for.

The best aspect of my move has to be the freedom. This week, around 3.30pm - 4pm, the help desk gets busy and I do not have to worry about picking up the phone. A strange culture shock for me, considering I have a nature which has to be kept busy. I am sure I will get used to it? Oh I suppose you want to know my new top title. Well it came in three (as all good news does). First option was Sales Force Effectiveness Analyst, closely followed by Business Information Analyst (which I personally prefer ed) only for the MD to make a minor adjustment to Business Intelligence Analyst. Who I am to argue with the man who signs all the cheques!

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