Sunday, March 04, 2007

Business As Usual?

Should I keep this blog running? My role has changed and I very much doubt there will be any more interesting entertaining stories to post. Plus there is also the Google affect. I am sure in the coming few months as I am introduced to my client portfolio, some of them will be brave enough to enter my name into the mother of all search engines, out of sheer curiosity. They may be bombarded with so many results that they close down their web browser in astonishment. Or they some may go the other way and actually bookmark both my websites and regularly check out my antics during those rock and roll weekends. (I can hear the guitar solo intro to Crazy Crazy Nights in the background!)

I think I may keep the blog running but stop posting as regularly as I have in the past. I feel it would be foolish to force myself to blog bi-monthly as I have been doing to date. Things will have to adjust. I would love to hear your thoughts, although I doubt that many people will actually get around to reading this post.

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