Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Santa History

Of the the many traditions at this time of year, a rather modern phenomenon is Secret Santa. The staple of not just many work places around the globe but many large families also to relieve the burden of expensive gifts for the many. I only learnt about the process while at college, as we used the same system to purchase Christmas presents between a large group of friends. This ensured a level playing field in terms of budget and ensured everybody got a gift.

I thought it would be useful to record gifts from Secret Santa past from my working life after University. Looking back, perhaps I should have posted a blog post each December (when I was lucky enough to be in joyful employment!).

2004 - My first Christmas at my new workplace was without participation of Secret Santa, due to the fact that I started on 16th December. Too late to be included, I would have to wait for next year for my first official working participation in the event.
2005 - Chocolates & How to survive a robot uprising by Daniel Wilson - blog post
2006 - Homer Simpson dashboard buddy - still boxed and unused at my parents home - blog post
2007 - unable to recall gift I was given
2008 - no secret santa took place at my employer
2009 - unemployed during Christmas period
2010 - employer did not carry out secret santa
2011 - cuff links
2012 - Arsenal Desk Calendar
2013 - Touring England boardgame

There you have the comprehensive list from the last decade of my Secret Santa haul, most items I have kept, purely for nostalgic reasons. Although I wish I could work out what I got in December 2007. I know the event took place

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