Saturday, August 27, 2016

By-Passing The Corporate Firewall

For almost two of the past three years, the Savage Chickens website was blocked by my corporate firewall. Categorised under "Adult Humour", even the embedded images in the e-mail I receive each working week day were disabled. However to by-pass this, you would just go and view the latest cartoon over on Tumblr. Doug Savage will be pleased to discover that changes to the corporate infrastructure now means I am able to visit his blog without issue and receive his e-mails with bright yellow Post-It Note image.

The cartoon are always brilliant but the work based ones in particular I can fully relate to. Sometimes I could just post Doug's images, as they reflect moments at my workplace (or work history).

This blog post is dedicated to Canadian and all round good guy Doug Savage. His daily cartoons get me though the working week. Sometimes I do not get the humour, perhaps lost in translation from North America over the Pond to the UK but his book is still one of my favourite items. I keep it at work, as a daily reminder not to take work too seriously, even if it does take up a big chunk of our waking hours.

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