Saturday, August 13, 2016

Direct From The Top

There is a prize I have been lucky enough to gain at my previous two employers and hope to continue to repeat for the rest of my career. Rather superficial I agree, but the coveted e-mail from the CEO. Now I do not mean an e-mail that has been drafted by an Executive Assistant or Communications department but one typed by the fair hand of the man or woman at the top of the organisation. In both cases, they were received after I had left the employment of the company, so some of you out there may take dispute with my claims but I care little. I can only make these revelations now as both men have long since retired from their positions as the head of two multinational blue chip companies.

Of course, the CEO of any company would not be e-mailing me or even an ex-colleague directly. They would be following the chain of command. In the case of Microsoft, this was from CEO (Steve) to CFO (Kevin) and then down to Global Commission Director before moving across to the EMEA Director and getting to my boss (Operations Director) into my mailbox with some kind of urgent action attached.

When you work for the biggest microchip manufacturer on the planet with over eighty percent market share you are going to get law suits and you are going to get complaints. People will just complain directly to the CEO when their brand new gaming work station is failing due to the motherboard and processor. The man at the top believes it could potentially be a scam but passes the mail down to his directs, once it gets to the Global Support Manager it then quickly gets forwarded to the Support Centre Manager. A ticket is raised and followed up with the highest priority possible.

Customer Complaint

With websites such as CEO Mail it has never been easier to get your message to the man or woman at the top of an organisation. Plus with the advent of social media, people tend to vent on Twitter, hoping somebody somewhere will resolve their problem. This works sometimes but not always.

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