Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ready for a Sequel

Although I was more familiar with mySQL than it's older more sophisticated cousin, SQL I knew the potential potency of the technology. Apart from a basic trainer at University, today was the first time I gained some valuable hands on commercial experience with the back end of our software. My colleague, decided this morning was the ideal time to install SQL server, spending several hours installing and customising Enterprise Manager. Thankfully, the whole process, although time consuming is less complicated than it sounds, I was up and running with full administrative rights. Finally, I would be granted access, given the power and the ability to sound slightly more informed when it comes to the latest version of our market leading software.

Following on from my last entry, weblogs have suddenly once again, come back into the forefront of the media. Particularly online journals such as this, which give an insight into the life of an everyday office job. Now that more and more employers are becoming intuitive, to both the positive and negative consequence of such open, candid reporting from the frontline. Providing a motive for my blogging is difficult. I fell into the routine of updating my personal website, and then over time, emotions, views, personal thoughts and deep reflects started to come across in my writing. As a purely natural process, you can chart, quite visibly the move from a 'latest updates' page, to a comprehensive, roundup of recent events in my life.

Not exactly sure, when or why I decided to create a work based blog. I opened this Blogger account in July 2003. This was promptly after I had finished my work placement and had a brief rest bite before beginning my final year at University in September 2003. At the time, my personal site was in dire need of a makeover and I was hoping to incorporate a dedicated journal, rather than hard coding my own HTML. In the end, I opted to go for the fully customised approach. So the site, (which no longer exists) was left neglected for over a year before the birth of this blog. Not sure why I started writing a second blog (who would really want to double their workload, when they can just about handle the original personal diary). [T3G:2] was getting filled with too many technical entries, alienating many of my readers. This way, I have a home for all my computer related thoughts, reviews and experiences. I think I just need to give this log the opportunity to develop, grow and gain popularity. Then I can judge what course it will take in the months, years ahead. As a great man, Abe Lincoln once said, "If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance".

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