Monday, January 10, 2005

Talking Telephone Numbers

I came into work this morning as usual. Checking the Support Mailbox and then turning my attention to the voicemail messages left over the weekend. Six had been left, with two standard calls looking to chase up support issues that had been logged in the previous week. Then the final four came as a shock. All reps usually leave messages with their full name, rather than a title and a surname. The voice of Mrs. Harris and Mrs. O'Donnell sounded unfamiliar, even to my fresh ears. The content of both calls bought some much needed humour to a dull, wet and windy Monday morning. Both women sounded elderly, possibly living alone. The calls originated from the Lancashire area and inquired as to when electricity would be returned to their homes. They were cold, and Mrs. Harris was sure the policeman had told her the power would return by 2pm. Her call had been made at 4.30pm.

How can this happen? Well apparently our freephone support line number is close to within a few digits to a BT support number. I do not recall my Manager mentioning anything about fuel suppliers. Just waiting for the next installment from the strange world that is the wrong telephone numbers. Stay tuned.

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